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About TigerKick Fitness

Get to know us

Scott Butler has been teaching and motivating individuals and groups in health and fitness for over 20 years.  Combining the influence of his martial arts experience and various training styles such as HIIT, kickboxing, functional bodyweight and core training, Scott developed hybrid-fitness programs for adults and children, which today are known as TKFit™ and TigerKick™.   
During development and coaching of these programs, Scott recognized the need for a single device that would allow students and fitness clients to combine the best of a yoga mat, bench, push up board, step, free weight, bar, punching and kicking bag, and a both sides device – the concept of the TKTool was born.

Through innovation and testing, the team at TigerKickFitness™ has evolved and perfected the TKTool – combining into a single exercise tool the many benefits of a wide variety of different exercise equipment.  TKTool is designed to be used at home, in the gym, on the go at your local park, or even at the beach!  TKTool is truly Your Mobile Gym.

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